IT'S ALREADY HOME! Collecting My Ford GT in London

My Ford GT is already back in London! After dropping it off a few days earlier in Chicago, USA it has made the journey by 747 to Stansted Airport where I can collect it again and bring it back to my garage.

Expecting it to take a little bit longer, it was a great surprise to hear that my Ford GT managed to make an earlier flight route that brought it back by air from Chicago O'Hare via Luxembourg to London Stansted airport. That meant for me jumping back into the AMG G63 to head straight to the cargo terminal to see it unloaded and arriving through the system.

With everything having gone completely to plan, and the car arriving back in perfect condition, it's then a drive back home of course on the other side of the road again! It seems bizarre how quickly it has happened and the car has traveled yet again a few thousand miles through the air to return to where it lives.

Thanks for watching, Tim