Jeep Wrangler | Sunrider Top Swap

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Swapping the Jeep Wrangler hard top for the Sunrider soft top doesn’t look like an easy process, and we’re about to find out first hand if that feeling rings true.

So far we feel like a kid at Christmas. Or maybe a parent trying to put together a bike at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Big box means a lot of stuff. From the soft top windows to the plastic scaffolding. There are close to 25 parts for the JL’s Sunrider Soft Top.

Removing the hard top T-tops is by far the easiest thing to do here. Unhook the latches and they come right off. We can even lift them ourselves, no problem.

At first we were skeptical. We wasn’t convinced that two tools was all it would take, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Lots of hardware here folks, but then again, these bolts are keeping the entire top on, so we’re glad for them.

And with that, we’re about ready to take this thing off. Only problem is, there’s no way one persona can do it themselves. The hard top weighs 140 pounds, people.

What we’re calling the scaffolding for the soft top goes on first. These are plastic pieces that the canvas top will sit on top of when it’s closed. They’re not the easiest to figure out in terms of which one goes were, so we enlisted more folks to help. Note to anyone doing this, at least for the first time. Bring friends and buy them pizza.

Already an hour in and we still felt like we’d made little progress. This is a serious workout.

But eventually, there are more parts on the car than next to it. Finally, things were starting to look like they’re supposed to.

The windows slide in quite easily and are nice and snug. There’s Velcro to help keep the wind out. We’ll see how that does.

All told it took us two hours to do the swap. Though if we did it again, it would probably take about 30 minutes provided we had the people to help lift it. Putting the hard top back on was definitely easier to do and we recruited Micah’s help, too. No one sits around Kelley Blue Book eating bon-bons.

Ah, and all is back where it was again. Time for a nap.