Kman's Tesla Hack: LOWER Power HVAC Keep Alive (Camper Mode)! Model S Model X and Model 3

The introduction of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Keep Alive has been great and well received. With this mode on, you can keep the vehicle warm, cool or ventilated even without anyone in the vehicle.
The problem becomes power consumption. If you just turn on the Keep Alive function, Tesla does what it "wants", which is keep it at the set temperature by any means necessary. Meaning, Tesla puts on "Auto" mode, and can really run up the power consumption! This is ESPECIALLY bad in winter/cold climates. That Heater uses a LOT of power. 6+ kW at full blast!
Following my "Kman Tesla Hack", you can keep the cabin at a reasonable temperature, while cutting that power usage down considerably.
As always though, use common sense, and your own discretion with temperatures. If you are keeping an animal or person in the vehicle, make sure you have the settings at a level where the person/animal will be comfortable & SAFE.
My method will keep the chill out in the winter, and keep the cabin from roasting in the summer.

Summer Usage at the lowest level would = ~1-3 miles of range lost per hour compared to a potential 5-15 miles of range lost per hour or even higher in hotter climates on Automatic.

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