Learn all about the genesis of the design of the BMW iFE.20 – BMW i Motorsport.

From the exterior, the slightly modified design of the BMW iFE.20 is evident. It maintains some of the elements of its predecessor, including the blue and white corners which intersect in the style of the BMW logo. The view from above has also been accentuated which, considering the usually elevated seating position of spectators at Formula E races, plays a particularly important role. On top of this is the asymmetric layout, which provides maximum visibility at race speed.

The striking changes also include the non-reflective, matt black cockpit element, which has been extended to the whole driver environment. It puts even more focus on the driver and highlights his pivotal role in Formula E. The BMW logo pattern emphasised in its predecessor has been given a slightly more abstract interpretation for the BMW iFE.20. In return, there is greater accentuation of the progression of colour from blue to violet, the natural colours of electricity.

Also, the BMW i Motorsport ‘Spirit Marks’ established during the course of last season are now also reflected in the design of the cars. To make it easier to distinguish the two BMW iFE.20, Sims’ #27 car is slightly more violet, while Günther’s #28 BMW iFE.20 is slightly bluer. #RacingBeyond

Please find more information on the BMW iFE.20 at www.bmw-motorsport.com