McLaren Senna GTR FIRST DRIVE on the STREET!

The McLaren Senna GTR - no more words needed! It's the ultimate track hypercar, an unhinged race version of the road-going Senna, and with Barry we're going out on the public roads in his car from IKONICK The Collection. What an experience!

Surrounded by over 100 of the best cars in the most amazing gallery and display, IKONICK The Collection includes artworks, sculptures, and the best supercars, forming one of the very best private car collections in the world. While visiting Barry Skolnick's private location in Miami, USA, experiencing the Senna GTR in some form was an absolute must!

The McLaren Senna GTR is even more purposeful than the road car; power is up to 820hp with downforce reaching 1,000kg. There are only 75 units in total and they were very much built for the racetrack but with conversions to make it possible to drive them on the road. Being based fundamentally on the road car, it's surprisingly not all that intimidating, nor too loud and uncomfortable, or even too impractical to drive on the roads.

A huge thanks to Barry, be sure to check his pages and give a follow:

Thanks for watching, Tim