Meet the Most Famous Lamborghini Murcielago in the World! Ft. Tavarish

Tavarish's Lamborghini Murcielago from Fast and Furious is complete and he's invited me to drive the legendary car! Hours and hours of work have been poured into restoring it to glory and now we can head out for a ride together.

Having started in Freddy's ownership as an $80,000 project, there was an immense amount of work to be done to make it into the car that it is now. Last October I visited the Wrench Every Day HQ in Florida to see the progress and then saw it completed and on display at SEMA in Las Vegas. Now however, let's hop on board to experience it on the road with Freddy at the wheel before swapping around for what's actually my first drive in a gated manual Murcielago.

A huge congratulations to Freddy for what he has achieved, be sure to give him a follow for all his new projects:

Thanks for watching, Tim