Mercedes-AMG G-Class: Road Trip Barcelona

[Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 13,8 l/100 km; CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 322 g/km.*] Featuring the tremendous Mercedes-AMG G 63, the spot called "BE THE CONTRAST" is a portrait about the Spanish post-photographer, director, punk and traveler Sebas Romero. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

This spot is written, directed and produced by Klaus Kneist with talented people from different creative fields on his side. In a 90 seconds lasting collage of impressive pictures it's presented what both protagonists have in common: the eternal strive for new challenges, finding inspiration and redefining the own limits.

Production Company: Klaus Kneist Visual Production

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Mercedes-Benz presents the #MBvideocar series: A project where #MBsocialcar videographers and film makers have the opportunity to carry out their own ideas. Mercedes-Benz supports the production of these episodes financially but also by providing vehicles. The artists get to determine the staging, the model and the location. The result are unique episodes that are being published frequently on the official social media channels of Mercedes-Benz like YouTube and Facebook. If you too have an idea for a video, please apply now at [email protected]!

Talent: Sebas Romero
Model: Cesca Pey
Tattoo Artist: Screaminal - Yannick

Concept, Producer, Director/DP: Klaus Kneist
Assistant Producer: Javi Echevarria 

Edit: Philipp Schneider
Colorist: Marina Starke 
Voice Over Text: Tobias Schmutzler

Music / Sounddesign: Julian Lindenmann
Cello: Benedikt Loos

1st AC: Adrian Huber
B-Cam: Philipp Höbel
Gimbal & Camera Operator: Nepomuk Bösker
Drone: Klaus Kneist & Philipp Höbel

Gaffer: Jan Weidenbacher
Lighting Technicians: Aaron Kuder & Patrick Hoschek

Photographer: Julian Mittelstaedt
Car Supervisor, Photographer: Erik Degen

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