Mercury Marauder Review! Grandma's Ridiculous Cobra

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The Mercury Maurader might be one of Ford's weirdest decisions in the automotive brand. With the Ford Crown Victoria being the number one Police Car in the United States for a long time, they decided to give the public a "Crown Victoria Cobra" of sorts. Using a similar engine that was in the Mach 1 Mustang from 2004, this thing makes an INCREDIBLE sound with all the comfort you could ever ask for. It's a very strange experience, with it's extremely open cabin and plush leather seats - it doesn't seem like the roar of a 4V V8 engine would come out of a car that looks like this. So how does the Mercury Marauder Panther Body hold up? Let's go for a drive and find out! Thanks for watching and new uploads every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday!
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