Modified MK7 Volkswagen Golf R Review! The Overlooked Baby Audi Hot Hatch?

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The Volkswagen Golf GTI has an amazing reputation as the perfect all around car for many around the world. We recently revisited the Mk4 VW GTI and talked about it's impact in car culture, the tuner scene, and much more. However what if you took the GTI, made it all wheel drive, and upgraded literally everything? That's the Volkswagen Golf R. For today's in depth review we take this modified Golf R around the mountains and see if it's really worth the extra cash to upgrade from the Mk7 Golf GTI to the VW Golf R. With it's drivetrain being shared with the Audi S3 I had extremely high expectations from all of the great things I've heard about this car. So does it live up to the hype? Let's go for a drive and find out! Thanks for watching and new uploads every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday!
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