Modified Sleeper Mazda3 Review! Does the MazdaSpeed3 Deserve a Return?

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The MazdaSpeed3 was a hot hatch that many adored when it made its debut in its first and second generation. A turbocharged, four cylinder hot hatch that took on the Focus ST and VW Golf GTI at the time. However 2015 comes along and there is no MazdaSpeed3 to be found. One ambitious Mazda3 owner decided to take it into his own hands and create his own rendition of what a newer generation MazdaSpeed3 would look like and how he would modify it. I had no idea that this car even had an aftermarket at all, and it was a joy to learn about. What do you guys think of the MazdaSpeed3 having a comeback? Thanks for watching and new uploads every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday!
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