Mondi's TT3RS is the WORLD'S FIRST Twin Turbo Porsche GT3 RS!

What if a Porsche GT3 RS isn't enough? Well, if you're Mondi you stick some twin turbos on it! Meet the TT3RS, one of the most extreme Porsches you will ever see. After catching up at Avant Garde Xotics, let's get out on the roads to see what this is actually like.

Edmond Mondi does't do things by halves and this is the perfect example of that. His Porsche 911 991.2 GT3 RS just wasn't powerful enough so installing twin turbos to take it initially to 700whp and eventually closer to 1,000 is one way to do it. Along with that it's also wearing a ludicrous aero kit, crazy loud exhaust system, and fully set up to be as mental as possible!

After meeting up at AGX, let's get the TT3RS fired up and out onto the roads to experience it first hand. Check out Mondi at:

Thanks for watching, Tim