Monster Jam University: Learning to drive a monster truck

Learning to drive a monster truck is harder than you think. Read more -

With all kinds of power and torque on tap, and a ton of mud on the ground, I donutted and jumped my way through a day of Monster Jam training at Monster Jam University.

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After getting a general feel for how this thing turns, it's time for a donut. Meents calls me on the radio and tells me to just turn both the front and rear wheels to their max angles and ease onto the gas. Once the truck starts rotating, I can floor it. That sounds easy enough, but as the truck spins faster and faster, I get totally discombobulated. Meents is yelling in my ear to simply lift off the throttle, but the truck is so loud I can't hear him. Next thing I know, I'm up on two wheels for a few revolutions before the whole thing dumps over on its side, pushing a ton of mud into the cabin.

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