MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix according to Brembo

"After the positive experience of 2018, the MotoGP is coming to Thailand for the 15th round of the 2019 World Championship that is held from 4th to 6th October at the Chang International Circuit. ​

It has been built with a 54 million Euro (60 million Dollars) investment and has been inaugurated in October 2014. It is called after the name of a local make of beer. The track has been designed by the German architect Hermann Tilke and it's 410 km (255 miles) North of the capital Bangkok, in the Buriram region, that in the local language means “town of happiness”. ​

Last year during all MotoGP sessions the air temperature remained always between 86°F and 90°F while that of ground fluctuated between 113°F and 129°F.​

The track's layout alternates very long straightways that end with a hard braking session with second and third gear curves where gaining the right pace is essential. ​ "

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