Mustang Mach E-Electric SUV 2020 - interior Exterior and Drive (Luxury Coupe)

All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E Delivers Power, Style and Freedom for New Generation

Starting Price: $45,000

For the first time in 55 years, Ford is expanding the Mustang line-up with the all-electric Mustang Mach-E joining the Mustang sports coupe, convertible and special editions, featuring an all-new infotainment system and connected vehicle technology
All-new, purpose-built, all-electric model symbolises the beginning of a new electrified era for Ford; is one of 14 electrified Ford vehicles coming to Europe by the end of 2020
From its sleek silhouette and muscular curves to exhilarating drive experiences that offer unique driving dynamics and sounds, Mustang Mach-E embodies the Mustang spirit
Mustang Mach-E GT brings the thrills Mustang is famous for, targeting 0-to-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than 5 seconds and an estimated 465 PS (342 kW) and 830 Nm of torque
All-electric powertrain instils confidence, targeting a driving range of up to 600 km (more than 370 miles) under WLTP regulations. Built-in charging solutions route customers to nearby public charging stations, recommending where to charge on trips and providing access to more than 125,000 FordPass Charging Network locations in 21 countries across Europe

Seamless technology that easily adapts to your lifestyle

Making its debut in the Mustang Mach-E is the next-generation SYNC® communications and entertainment system, a sleek and modern interface that uses machine learning to quickly learn drivers’ preferences and gets even better over time, thanks to advanced over-the-air updates. Next-generation SYNC’s 15.5-inch screen and simple interface ditches complicated menus, making it easier to access features with touch, swipe and pinch controls that every smartphone owner will be comfortable using.

Featuring cloud-based connectivity and conversational voice recognition, the next-generation SYNC system brings twice the computing power of SYNC 3 to help make navigation, music and connecting a smartphone to the vehicle faster and easier.
The system also introduces wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and AppLink apps from smartphones and mobile devices.
“Next-generation SYNC actively starts adapting to you as soon as you start using it, quickly learning your preferences and making personalised suggestions,” said Darren Palmer, Ford global director for battery electric vehicles. “It can suggest going to the gym if it learns Mondays are workout days or calling home if you do that every day after work. The result is a cloud-connected assistant and interface that’s intuitive, beautiful, and ready for the future thanks to fast over-the-air updates.”
As next-generation SYNC evolves to serve customers better over time, Ford has outfitted the Mustang Mach-E with the ability to continuously improve through the delivery of secure over-the-air updates that are capable of enhancing vehicle performance.

A new way to look at – and experience – Mustang

Using Ford’s new all-electric architecture that places batteries inside the underbody, Ford engineers and designers were able to create a vehicle that’s not only true to Mustang but also maximises SUV space for five passengers and luggage.
“Advances in battery technology were crucial to delivering a Mustang Mach-E that’s spacious and practical with a beautiful silhouette, and with the fun-to-drive character that’s so important for our customers in Europe,” said Ulrich Koesters, director, electrified vehicles, Ford of Europe.

The Mustang Mach-E is instantly recognisable as a Mustang, thanks to signature elements such as its long, powerful hood, rear-haunch design, aggressive headlights and trademark tri-bar taillamps. Clever design and engineering deliver surprising rear seat roominess and ample cargo space.
The Mustang Mach-E holds another surprise under its hood: a drainable front trunk storage unit. Providing 100 litres of storage space, the front trunk is large enough to comfortably store the equivalent of a carry-on luggage bag. And because it’s drainable, it’s a convenient space to store wet or muddy sports clothing, hiking boots or beach gear after an adventure.
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