Mustang Mach-E FIRST LOOK! The First Ever Electric Mustang! (My Secret Viewing)

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The Mustang and the Mustang GT are American icons. They helped Ford as a company get out of a large financial hole and led the way for enthusiasts in life for generations. So what happens when Ford Motor Company decides to mix things up, and expand the stable? A risky but intriguing move - the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The Mach-E is Ford's first true attempt at selling their own all electric vehicle while also trying to have the "cool factor" and not feel like you are driving around town in a Prius. The design team was tasked with an immense challenge after scrapping the first electric car design and idea altogether to go this new direction only a few years ago. With the car not replacing the normal coupe I have to say I was relieved that it's an addiction to Ford's lineup and not a replacement for their halo pony car. So did Ford Mach E succeed with staying true to the Mustang's roots of innovation and game changer? Let's talk about it. Thanks for watching!

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