My Cars: Past, Present, AND FUTURE?!

This is my entire car ownership history! From the very first car I owned of a Renault Clio up to the latest Shmeemobiles and cars coming in the future... plus the launch of the new Shmee150 Shop:

A few years ago I took my Ferrari FF to IKEA to purchase the cabinet that still houses my collection of replica 1:18 scale model cars to match the various cars that I've owned in my life. Many still need painting and work to be done, as well of course as new models awaiting delivery but it's a constant work in progress to keep them all updated.

The new Shmee150 Shop is now open, and to celebrate we have a special 10% discount on offer using the coupon code: "Launch10" at

Having not shown the model car collection for a few years, many had been asking me for an update and here it finally is! There's more to show which will hopefully all be on display when I finally have a private garage where it can all be displayed!

Thanks for watching, Tim