My Ferrari GTC4Lusso is Back After 4 MONTHS!

It's been away for a while but now my Ferrari GTC4Lusso is back in the garage! The car has been with my Dad while I was in the USA and recently went to Meridien Modena Ferrari for a check-over visit, so time to pick it up and bring it back home for a garage update!

With various of the cars having been off during my travels, let's collect the Lusso for a drive with plenty of V12 sound, as well as announcing that the new Shmee150 Shop is coming soon! Then it's straight back to the car storage to join the Ford GT, McLaren 675LT Spider and Aston Martin Vantage GT8 and run through each of the cars. We also then head home to the AMG G63 and Heritage Focus RS as well as a few fun and exciting updates as well, including about the Supra.

We will be giving away a '911 Generations' merchandise package to a lucky winner on the Shop Shmee150 mailing list, you can find more here as well as being notified when it's going to go live in the coming days ahead of time:

Thanks for watching, Tim