My Friend Tavarish Bought a WRECKED McLaren 675LT!

My friend Tavarish has only gone and bought himself a total wreck of a McLaren 675LT! This one is clearly quite a challenge, but let's take a look at what's left of the British supercar to see quite how monumental this project is going to be for Freddy.

Visiting the Wrench Every Day workshop, let's pull the covers off his recently acquired car and go for a walkaround to take it in. Clearly this car has seen better days having hit most angles including going backwards into a pole that's made a nice crunch of the rear end. The interior is in a good way but the same can't be said for most of the exterior.

After a great build with the Fast and Furious Murcielago, I'm sure Freddy knows what he's got himself into but it sure does seem quite ambitious to me! Be sure to check out his progress on the Tavarish channel:

Thanks for watching, Tim