My McLaren Senna and AMG GT R Pro TOGETHER For PPF at Topaz!

My new AMG GT R Pro is at Topaz Detailing for Paint Protection Film to be installed, and while I'm there my McLaren Senna has finally arrived back as well! Let's check out the processes as both Shmeemobiles head through together to see how PPF is applied.

Following on the heels of my GT R Pro collection day and taking it immediately by trailer behind my G63 to Topaz, the first stop was the detailing. We followed it through the pre-detail wash and the start of the detailing process itself to the designo Diamond White paintwork, now though it's into the PPF bays for full coverage film to be installed. Work has been progressing at lightning speed and many of the large panels have already been fitted, but we can see a little behind the scenes exactly how PPF works and what it does.

Meanwhile, as luck would have it, my McLaren Senna has arrived as well from the repairers to have the paint perfected and detailed too! This forms part of the final stages of the repair where it will then be heading next for shakedown and final quality control before it's handed over.

Topaz are also working with Goodwool, who create the very best car covers and we're going to put one together for my Ford GT! Check out the renders with Nabil as we discuss the design and how it's going to work.

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Thanks for watching, Tim