My Senna's Repair is NEARLY COMPLETE!

It's not long to go now until my McLaren Senna is back! After the incident in summer, it has been a lengthy process but things are nearly complete. We can visit the car to check out how it's currently looking, what's left to be finished and when to expect it to return to the garage.

However, things didn't get off to a great start as the first objective is to move my Aston Martin Vantage GT8 to allow some fixes to the storage floor, except the battery is flat... As such, mission one becomes getting it back up and running after somebody switched off the trickle charger in storage while I was away, for some unknown reason.

With the Aston fired up and moved to a new parking space, it's into the AMG G63 for the run up to visit the Senna, a couple of hundred miles on the road. Upon arrival we can check out some of the now removed parts that had been damaged and see them up close and in detail, as well as the process behind the painting of parts like these with multiple colours and finishes.

Then of course a reveal of the car with most of its new parts fitted, looking exactly as per brand new! Of course this is being done to the utmost standard to ensure it matches factory or better in every way. To give an idea of the workload involved, just painting the door takes an entire week.

In the current state a few things are still required, the painting and installation of the rear wing before calibration of it, also the drive door glass to be fitted and then more or less final check overs before it can go for PPF on the new parts to protect them going forwards.

The countdown is now on, I hope the car is back by the end of the year but it's not long to go now!

Thanks for watching, Tim