NEW Bugatti Pur Sport - The 'Drivers' Bugatti Hypercar!

Here is the NEW Bugatti Pur Sport and this is my first Michelin Mission of 2020! The Bugatti Pur Sport has been redesigned for driver engagement, a large front splitter and widened air inlets, a new 1.9m fixed rear spoiler to generate big downforce and a more extreme diffuser design. The Pur Sport can also be ordered with an optional split-paintwork design, leaving exposed carbonfibre for the bottom third of the car. The exhaust tailpipe is made of 3D-printed titanium to save weight, too.

That’s not the only weight-shedding measure Bugatti has taken with the Pur Sport. Lighter Alcantara is used throughout most of the interior, which is described as “deliberately sporty and raw”, with controls trimmed in black, anodised aluminium or titanium.

Removing the hydraulic system from the rear wing saves 10kg on its own, while a new magnesium wheel design (wrapped in exclusively developed Michelin Cup 2 R tyres that increase lateral acceleration by 10%) Further use of titanium in the braking system, among other detail changes, contributes to an overall weight reduction of 50kg over the standard Chiron.

The W16 still generates 1500hp for the Pur Sport. but Bugatti have focused on a heavily revised transmission. Primarily, the gear ratios are 15% closer to improve acceleration out of bends, which, together with the increased downforce, reduces the top speed substantially to 217mph. Along with raising the redline by 200rpm to 6900rpm, this means the Pur Sport is capable of accelerating from 37mph to 75mph nearly two seconds faster than the standard Chiron.
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