New Citroen Berlingo Worker

"New Citroën Berlingo has gained a new look. The third generation of the successful series retains the essence of the leisure activity vehicle and stands as a new benchmark in the segment. Proud of its heritage, Citroën possesses true legitimacy in this market, in which it has been a player for over two decades. The trailblazing Citroën brand is first and foremost the inventor of the leisure activity vehicle concept back in 1996, the launch year of the first-generation Berlingo, replaced in 2008 by the second-generation model. The Brand has always successfully innovated to deliver differentiating features such as three independent rear seats, the Modutop® multifunction roof and the opening rear window tailgate. Faithful to the spirit of the two previous opuses, New Citroën Berlingo possesses a unique attitude while raising the bar even higher on design, functionality and comfort.

Determined to gain the loyalty of its current customers, New Citroën Berlingo was inspired by their lifestyles and changes in their lives with a view to best responding to the everyday uses of freedom-loving couples and families. The new generation model inspired by customer expectations perfectly illustrates the new baseline, ""Inspired by you"", which goes together with the advertising slogan: ""We didn't invent the family, but the car that goes with it""- By the creator of Berlingo. It underscores the Brand's determination to make motorists' lives ever more seamless. New Citroën Berlingo features more modernity, comfort and ingeniousness and possesses all the requisite qualities for winning over new customers. Key targets include economically active or retired couples, with or without children, living around towns or in the country, and fans of sports such as cycling or hiking and outdoor leisure pursuits such as gardening and DIY. A multifaceted vehicle, New Citroën Berlingo stands as a smart buy for families or seniors who find it the perfect partner for their active lifestyles and who are looking above all for interior room space and functionality."

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