New KOENIGSEGG GEMERA with Christian von Koenigsegg! | FIRST LOOK

The covers are off the brand new Koenigsegg Gemera! This is the world's first mega-GT, a 1,700hp hypercar with 4 seats and crazy new technology from top to bottom. To explore in depth, join me with Christan von Koenigsegg to take it all in.

The Gemera joins Koenigsegg's line-up alongside the Jesko and Regera, entering into a completely new market segment with comfort for 4 adults along with luggage, in a car with hypercar performance. The 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint takes just 1.9s as the car goes on to a blistering top speed of 400km/h (249mph).

The power comes thanks to a 2.0l 3 cylinder engine making 600hp, combined with a 400hp eletrical motor on the crankshaft, along with two further motors on the rear axle, all operating via Koenigsegg Direct Drive. Thanks to the tiny packaging, this is a mid-engine carbon tub car with plenty of space on board for 4 to enjoy the experience.

To make the package work, the car is complete with Autoskin, including extended side doors with just one each side for driver and rear passenger to access the car. On board the technology boundaries have been pushed as always, including unbelievably thing front seats, displays throughout, and functions you may never have thought about.

Also on the stand features the Jesko Absolut; the fastest car that Koenigsegg will ever make. With 125 units of the Jesko to be made, each customer can choose between Track and Absolute configurations, the latter orientating towards top end speed with neutral downforce as opposed to immense performance on the circuit.

A big thanks to Christian and the team as well as a congratulations for yet again innovating and demonstrating incredible engineering in the world of performance cars.

Thanks for watching, Tim