New Opel Insignia Shines with Next-Gen IntelliLux LED Pixel Light

Opel gives a first glimpse of the new Insignia. The new edition of the German brand’s flagship will premiere at the Brussels Motor Show from January 10-19, 2020 and offer buyers even sharper looks as well as further improved night-time vision. Thanks to the refreshed design, the top-of-the-line-model has an even more powerful on-the-road presence. The extremely slim headlamps with pioneering LED technology make a major contribution. The new adaptive IntelliLux LED Pixel Light now features 84 LED elements per headlamp. The headlamps react faster, with more precision than ever before, providing optimum vision for Insignia drivers without glare for oncoming or preceding traffic. With the new-generation IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light, the Opel flagship is unique in its market segment.

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