Nissan Electric All-Wheel-Control Technology Test Car on the track

"Nissan Motor Co Ltd unveiled a high-power, twin-motor, all-wheel drive control test car equipped with new technologies, which has been developed for the company’s next generation of electric vehicles (EV). The test vehicle is based on full-electric Nissan LEAF e+, and features an enhanced all-wheel drive system powered by front and rear high-power motors integrated with its chassis control technology. The result is an electric-drive all-wheel-control system that will take the performance of Nissan’s electric cars to a new level, the company noted.

This test vehicle is a key component of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is the company’s vision of how vehicles are driven, powered and integrated into society. The test car uses separate front and rear electric motors, with the powertrain generating maximum output of 227 kW and 680 Nm of peak torque. This performance output is complemented by the high-precision motor control provided by Nissan’s advanced EV technology. Nissan said that drivers can benefit from the all-wheel control system on nearly any road condition, heightening driving performance and confidence."

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