Nissan JUKE RS NISMO Driving on the track

Engineered to exacting standards, wind tunnel-tested and competition-inspired, the Nissan Juke NISMO RS brings together decades of knowledge learnt on the race track. It's the ultimate performance crossover. Traditional all-wheel drive systems distribute power front to back, which is great for maximising traction under acceleration. The Nissan Juke NISMO RS was never designed to be traditional. It does the job of a normal four-wheel drive system, but it also has a torque vectoring system that splits power from side to side across the rear axle, so you get the best out of the bends too. Inheriting design details from Nissan's ultimate supercar – the GT-R – we redesigned the front and rear bumpers, adding a rear diffuser and a modified rear spoiler. We also lowered the sill mouldings. The end result: greater downforce and an even more aerodynamic profile. Inside the Juke NISMO RS small SUV the message is race-inspired high-performance. Front sports bucket-seats have embroidered synthetic suede trim. The steering wheel has a special NISMO leather and Alcantara trim. The Juke NISMO RS isn't shy about showing its sporting heritage.

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