"In preview Polini Motori presents at Eicma 2019 the e-bikes by Kawasaki, Jeep, Garelli and Mondial equipped with Polini E-P3 electric motor.

Faithful to its slogan, the company of Bergamo well known all around the world to produce special parts for the two-wheel market, goes on with the development of the products dedicated to the e-bike world, where the E-P3 motor has become a new important point of reference.

Top brands like Kawasaki, Jeep and Garelli have chosen Polini E-P3 motor to equip their E-bikes: a compact, powerful and light electric motor, that thanks to its extraordinary features has demonstrated to be a highly performing and quality product. The E-bikes born from these partnerships are: Off-Road model by Jeep and Kawasaki, gravel model by Garelli and scrambler by Mondial. "

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