Preparing My Senna and a Senna GTR! PPF at Topaz

My Senna is in for PPF at Topaz, and just so happens to be joined by an unbelievable Senna GTR! In addition, my AMG GT R Pro is nearly complete, plus we're taking colours for the Ford GT cover with Nabil. There's a lot going on, and it sure is exciting!

The newest Shmeemobile, the AMG GT R Pro has had a level 2 detail and is nearly completely covered in Paint Protection Film, however, the last detail to complete will be the stripes that are specific to the Pro. Originally they were satin grey and we do have the original replacements, however another idea before then is to use something that's coming for the future in Piano Black - but interestingly, it is not vinyl! You'll have to stay tuned to see how this looks at collection.

With the Senna, it's a case of installation of PPF on the panels that have been repaired, some of which are fantastically complex due to the amount of aero work on the car. In particular we can follow the process through the installation of the door pieces that has to work around multiple bits of glass and also the various shapes and contours.

All of this is done alongside a Senna GTR in for the same, the hardcore track variant of an already hardcore track car. The GTR is one of just 75 being made, is not street legal, and has 820hp with even more extreme aero than its road equivalent. As well as that we can also catch up with Nabil to check out the Ford GT ordering kit and paint samples so we can match the colours for the Goodwool Car Cover that will be added in future to the car in the garage.

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Thanks for watching, Tim