Renault MORPHOZ - 2020 concept I Renault Group

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Renault MORPHOZ is Renault's new electric concept car, customizable and shareable but mostly evolutive. It's a trailblazer for the Renault electric range of the next few years.

Renault MORPHOZ pushes the limits of mobility and streches out to adapt to its users needs. The car transforms from "city-mode", a shorter vehicle with an adapted autonomy, to "travel-mode", where the vehicle and its autonomy extend to allow you to travel further.
The batteries that aren't in the vehicle while in "city mode" can power household or neighborhood equipments thanks to smart charging equipments.

Renault MORPHOZ is a personal vehicle that you can share when you don't use it.
Equiped with AI and an adaptable cockpit, it nurture conversations and exchanges between passengers.

Renault MORPHOZ serves a sustainable mobility for all.

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