Retaking your driving test in a Civic

We challenged Jonny Smith, motoring journalist and television presenter, to retake his driving test in a Honda Civic 5 Door to see what driving techniques he might have forgotten and if he’d picked up any bad habits in the 23 years since he originally passed. Could he pass his test again? Watch our video to find out.

It hardly comes as a surprise that retaking your driving test years after originally passing can actually pose quite a challenge. Especially with the way modern technology has changed our driving experience, the way new drivers are tested for their capabilities to operate a vehicle has changed dramatically as well.

As you'll see in the video, Jonny Smith was quite good at spotting these differences. For instance, back when he had to take his driving test, cars didn't have things like ABS, power steering or traction control. But now that he can enjoy all these benefits of modern technology and more in the Honda Civic 5, the requirements of the test have also evolved to incorporate them.

And interestingly, as it turns out, no matter how long you've been behind the wheel - nervousness can still play a big part when retaking a driving test. An otherwise confident driver, Smith struggled to show the same high level of control over his driving test with a Civic as soon as he knew he had the instructor’s watchful eyes on him.

Nevertheless, those same technological benefits we mentioned earlier were quick to come to the rescue. Jonny noted how helpful the sensory systems were during the independent driving part of the test. Namely, the blind spot indicator offered a major advantage and served as an additional reminder when crossing from one lane to another.

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