REVEALED! Here's the Spec of My MCLAREN SENNA!

It's time to reveal the spec that I have chosen for my new McLaren Senna! Let's take a complete run through of the options starting with the paint colour and tint of carbon, before all of the other parts of optional spec including a lot of items from MSO.

Advance warning that spoilers are coming below! With my McLaren Senna due to arrive either early in 2019 or the very end of 2018 if I'm lucky, it's time to fully run through the spec that I have chosen for my first ever hypercar. The car itself is brutal in appearance as it's entirely focused on being the ultimate track car that's road legal but I'm very excited for the colour scheme I have chosen. In terms of general options, the Senna comes very highly equipped to begin with but there are of course endless possibilities with MSO - McLaren Special Operations.

For the body colour, I am of course returning to MSO Cerulean Blue! It is by far the best paint colour of any car I've ever owned, having been the choice for my loved 675LT Coupe. Right back when I ordered the car by the codename "P15" and did the spec for my 675LT Spider in Orion Purple, I had already decided that this car would again wear the light blue shade - and my mind did not change along the way. However, where it gets interesting are the other options that complement the main choice.

With many areas of visual carbon exposed on the body I have chosen to finish this in satin carbon fibre with a dark blue tint, to contrast against the brighter blue body panels - akin to McLaren's "Pacific Theme". It's then topped off with the wheels in Dark Stealth with Cerulean Blue centre-locks and silver calipers. Given the unique feature of the Senna to offer glass door windows and roof glass, I have selected all of the applicable options as well as the McLaren Track Telemetry cameras on the exterior.

Inside the car you will find the seats in Alcantara with a Cerulean Blue stitch and the signature exposed door gas struts also in the body paint colour. I've chosen the Galvanic Grey trim, with an additional carbon part to the upper section of the steering wheel with a blue 12'o'clock stripe. Additionally it had to be finished with custom finished MSO car keys!

To help visualise how the car was going to look, I had the help of MF Design to create some realistic renders with the different spec options and confirmed it with the renders that you see in the video. It's a big thanks to Matt for his time and you can find his page here: - please do give him a follow!

Thanks for watching, Tim