SEAT presents the Tarraco FR PHEV at 2019 IAA

"Seat has given its SUV model Tarraco a plug-in hybrid drive. The Seat Tarraco FR PHEV with an 85 kW electric motor and a 13 kWh battery, will celebrate its premiere at the IAA in a few days.

As the PHEV model with a system output of 180 kW will be the most powerful variant of the series, it comes ex-works with the sporty FR design. The plug-in powertrain comes largely from the VW Passat GTE but has 20 kW more system power in the Tarraco. According to WLTP measurements, the hybrid petrol-electric SUV should have a range of around 50 kilometres – since the car has not yet been homologated, the Spanish Volkswagen subsidiary does not want to give exact figures.

According to the Seat’s own information, the petrol engine has a power output of 110 kW, while the electric motor contributes 85 kW – as in the VW model. However, since the system output in the Passat GTE is only 160 kW, Seat seems to have opted for a sportier design in the hybrid drive application. The high-voltage accumulator has a capacity of 13 kWh in both models. But there is one difference to the Passat: the charging socket is not hidden in the front of the radiator grille but is located on the driver’s side between the front wheel and the driver’s door.

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