Seat - This is how you explore the future

" SEAT and Xplora are looking for innovative solutions in one of the world's biggest technology hubs
In Tel Aviv (Israel) there are 6,600 startups, 800 of which are dedicated to the car industry
Artificial intelligence that warns the driver of distractions or windows that darken automatically are the future of your car

“Warning, distraction! Driver falling asleep!” This could be how cars warn drivers in the future if they detect that their eyes are closed or that they take their eyes off the road. And we will also be able to regulate how much light passes through the windows at the touch of a button. These are just some of the innovative solutions that SEAT is working on through the Xplora project in Tel Aviv, Israel, one of the technologically most advanced places on the planet. “If we want to shape the future, we have to be in the most innovative ecosystems”, says Stefan Ilijevic, the head of Product innovation at SEAT."

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