Skiing Behind TheStradman's Lamborghini Aventador!

It obviously makes sense to ski behind TheStradman's Lamborghini Aventador! With snow on the ground, and the Lambo's V12 roaring away, let's see how this goes...

My first visit to the beautiful state of Utah could not have been more fun. Kicking off at James' famous driveway, let's check out some of his cars before loading up the Gladiator and Aventador to head on out to Park City via a visit to Summit Auto Lab. With a road coated in snow, although rather hard pack ice, the scene is set to pull out the skis and give it a try.

Fortunately all went perfectly, albeit fairly cautiously for obvious reasons. No Lambos got stuck, no skiers got injured, and big smiles were on the faces of all!

If you aren't already, be sure to check out TheStradman for lots more:

Thanks for watching, Tim