Subaru DriverFocus: Most Innovative New Safety or Driving Aid | Edmunds

The winner of this award must make a positive contribution to safety. It might be a feature that works with the driver or a piece of tech that protects people should the worst happen. Subaru DriverFocus uses an in-car camera and facial recognition technology to sense if driver becomes distracted or drowsy and alerts the driver to pay attention. As a side benefit, this tech also remembers preferences for seat position, climate settings and outside mirror position.

Edmunds' annual Tech Driven Awards recognize the automakers that have best integrated cutting-edge technology into vehicles on sale today. Earlier this year we partnered with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to present three Edmunds Tech Driven Awards. Those awards looked to the technology of tomorrow, honoring inspirational ideas that might shape our future. Today, we're recognizing the automakers that have excelled at integrating new technology into vehicles you can buy right now. All three, in different ways, make a positive contribution to the advancement of the automobile.

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