With the announcement earlier this week of the Summernats 33 Wildcard list I thought I'd put together a short video showing all 24 cars that will be battling it out on Thursday afternoon for the last available spots into the Burnout Masters Qualifying:

Full entry list below:
Sam Lord - BAD HABIT
Harry Seaman - HAZZARD
Jack Seaman - LOOSEQ
Adrian Cuthbertson - SKIDMA
Joe Thring - DEATHROW
Cleetus McFarland - TOAST
Dave Cufone - 1FATRAT
Nathan Sutherland - KILLASET
Billy Seton - SILLY
Johno Murphy - TUFF20
Shannon Heraud - TUF253
Guy Clare - TUFF4L
Chris Smallmon - BLWNVY
Mark Schwarz - HANFUL
Todd Stewart - UNFAZED
Fred Watson - FEAR
Stephen Marsh - IH8FDS
Michael Sheridan - 1ANGRYUC
Mark Waddington - WARBIRD
Wayne Daw - SLYLUX
Britt Kilby - HAMMERTIME
Craig Meston - PINKY
Jack Hobbs - IJUS8U
Rick Davis - 4PLAY

Thanks to Fast Performance Videos for the Footage:

Thanks to Burnout Videos Aus Official for the Footage: