The 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV & Porsche Macan Are Sports Cars Disguised as SUV's

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When you think of a brand that sells SUV's, there's a good chance that Porsche and Alfa Romeo are two of the last ones that would come to mind. However, with more and more consumers flocking to crossovers, these types of vehicles have quickly become money makers for smaller niche brands. Porsche has long been the king of building SUVs that drive like sports car and the 2019 #PorscheMacan is no different. The #AlfaRomeoStelvio is a newcomer and it has quickly become the brands best-seller here in America. If you're tired of looking at your neighbor's Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, which one of these two should you buy? #StelvioQuadrifoglio #StelvioQV #Stelvio #Porsche #AlfaRomeo #PorscheMacanTurbo