The 2020 Nissan Titan is a Value Packed Big Truck with an Upgraded V8 & 9-Speed Transmission

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Big truck sales in America are one of the most competitive and most lucrative categories to compete in. The big three brands from Ford, GM, and FCA dominate the sales charts with nearly 3 million units sold every year between the three. Nissan has been playing in this space since 2003 with the first generation #NissanTitan and when the all-new second generation was introduced in 2016, it was competitive truck that really failed to hit the sales targets #Nissan was after. For 2020, the #Titan gets a pretty significant overhaul with a new look front and rear, a larger 9" touch screen display inside with sharper graphics, and an all-new 9-speed automatic replacing the old 7AT unit. The #TitanPlatinumReserve shown here looks to steal a bigger chunk of the big truck sales pie and with its strong value and standard 400 HP V8, buyers should take a serious look at one before spending a lot more on its competitors.