The all-new Lexus UX 250h Hybrid Trailer

"Once drivers get behind the wheel of the new UX 250h they will quickly realise that this isn’t just ‘another crossover’. Powered by a fourth-generation Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid, it’s very responsive to drive, but like all Lexus hybrids, offers the best fuel efficiency and lowest emissions in class Free from plugs or range issues. In real-life city driving, the UX 250h can use electric power for a significant part of every journey – up to 50%, depending on driving conditions.
Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid on the UX 250h orchestrates a seamless blend of power from a highly efficient 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and powerful electric motor(s). Available with front-wheel drive or E-FOUR all-wheel-drive, the system has a compact new transaxle and Power Control Unit. A newly developed nickel metal-hydride battery is located below the rear seat, minimising intrusion in the load space and contributing to the UX’s low centre-of-gravity. Importantly, Lexus engineers focused not just on outstanding fuel economy and low emissions, but also on a high level of driving appeal."

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