The Brabus B35S AMG A35 is a Winter Pocket Rocket!

Brabus have taken the AMG A35 and made it into a pocket rocket! Where better to put it to the test than on the snow in Finland with Continental for the High Performance Event, showing you all the modifications and what it's like going very sideways behind the wheel.

Thanks to Continental for inviting me to join the event, featuring a host of tuned cars from various manufacturers, all being put to the test with a selection of winter tyres, including the WinterContact on the A Class.

Brabus have brought their touches to the entry-level AMG, for the first time the A35 opened up a new segment of sporty hatch sitting beneath the A45 and A45 S. In this case the power is taken up from 305hp to 365hp and torque goes from 400nm to 460nm. On the outside there are new wheels with the winter tyres, flics at the front, a spoiler at the back, a new exhaust system and a Brabus logo to finish off the front grille.

Thanks again to Continental for a fantastic day out on the snow with perfect opportunities to drive and enjoy!
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Thanks for watching, Tim