THE END! My Ford GT is Going HOME

All good things come to an end! It is time for the last drive with my Ford GT in the USA, taking it to Chicago O'Hare to be loaded into a plane. This has been the greatest adventure and road trip of my life but it's still a crazy thing to be preparing the car for travel in the air!

Since the car arrived at New York JFK I have traveled with it all around the USA including stops in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Detroit to name a few. It's also driven laps at Road Atlanta, cruised up the Pacific Coast Highway and dealt with Death Valley. I've driven it through Times Square, across the Golden Gate Bridge and to the homeland of Ford in Dearborn.

Along the way I've had the most fantastic experiences, met new friends, and had epic moments all around the USA. However, as always there's a battle to ensure the fuel is as low as possible to board the aircraft for transit back to the UK. It's a requirement to have less than 1/8th of a tank, and of course to empty out the car before it is loaded onto the palette where it will remain and travel home.

In a reverse of the original move from Amsterdam to New York, let's finish off the last drive sending it back to Europe where we'll see it again very soon!

Thanks for watching, Tim