The History of the Acura TL Sport Sedan & What Lies Ahead

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The #AcuraTL has had a long history in the Acura portfolio here in the US. A replacement for the old Acura Vigor in the 90's, the #TL quickly grew to become the best-selling model in Acura's US lineup. Evolving over the years into a legitimate sport sedan rivals to the German players, while maintaining Acura's reputation of better value and much better reliability. Acura hit a high point in the mid-2000's with the 3rd generation #AcuraTLTypeS but things took a turn for the worst in 2009 when the beak-line front fascia appeared on the 4th generation. In 2015, the TL was replaced with the #AcuraTLX and sales never quite recovered. Can Acura once again find its glory days with the next-generation #TLX due in 2021?