The Iconic Stratos is Back! Test Drive with Savage Garage

The New Stratos is legendary icon reborn! Based on the chassis and V8 engine from a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, but with a manual gearbox, it's clearly true to the original with an updated design. Randy from Savage Garage and I visit Loudoun County Exotics for a test drive to see what it's all about.

Back in the 1970s, the Lancia Stratos was a destructive force in the world rallying scene with many titles to its name and hence decades later it prompted a tribute vehicle to be created. With MAT (Manifattura Automobili Torino) behind it, and design by Pininfarina, the car is actually based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia (or F430). The chassis is shortened, and the 4.3l V8 bumped up to 540hp, connected through a 6-speed gated manual gearbox. Visually the design maintains the short overhangs, wedge shape, a new wheel design akin to the original, and true to the original appearance albeit in road trim specification.

In a world with declining numbers of manual cars, and of course the 430 Scuderia that was never originally available as a manual at all with Ferrari opting for the F1 semi-auto gearbox, this is a car built for driving enjoyment. After a look around the car outside and in, Randy takes the wheel for the first stint before we swap around for me to have a go returning back to base.

Thank you to Loudoun County Exotics for the opportunity for Randy and I to take out the New Stratos for a test drive! You can check them out at:

Thank you very much to Randy and the team for hosting me, you can follow plenty more of their rally adventures here:

Thanks for watching, Tim