The Jefferson Airplane Soars

In 1967, people were asking "What is a Jefferson Airplane?" They wanted to know if it can love you. The name itself was a riddle that opened your mind and sent you soaring searching for an answer. In fact, the Jefferson Airplane was a musical group from San Francisco, composed of six people: Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Kassady, Spencer Dryden and its transcendent lead vocalist, Gracie Slick. their slogan, "Jefferson Airplane loves you," helped the airplane take off.

Their psychedelic-inspired sound was called "Love Rock." They were hits at San Francisco's legendary Fillmore Auditorium, run by Bill Graham, that involved flashing, psychedelic light shows, full of colors and sounds, flickering strobe lights that were a trip, or at least a simulation of one. Their breakout song, "White Rabbit," turned the paisley-clad group into the pied pipers of the electric kool-aid age.