The new Honda e Driving Video

"Honda engineers paid special attention to enhancing the chassis to deliver an engaging experience behind the wheel. For its overall length of 3,895mm, the car is relatively wide, measuring 1,750mm across, with short overhangs at the front and rear providing an assured stance. With the battery located low under the vehicle floor, the car's centre of gravity is 500mm from the ground, combining with 50:50 weight distribution in both ways to ensure a rewarding blend of assured stability and agile handling.

To help deliver sporty character with effortless performance, power is delivered through the rear wheels. Driving dynamics are boosted by Honda's Variable Gear Ratio (VGR) active steering system, with steering wheel lock to lock in 3.1 turns. VGR works by changing gear ratio with respect to the steering angles absolute value. At cruising or high speeds, the assisted steering system provides confident lane changes and improved driving safety. This, along with the narrow subframe, small EV platform and compact components, also enables a turning radius of just 4.3m, ensuring the Honda e is exceptionally manoeuvrable in small city streets.

The short distance between roll centre height and centre of gravity height of the Honda e allows the small body roll to be managed while maintaining a low spring rate that delivers outstanding handling and ride characteristics. Honda engineers benchmarked the ride quality of the car against larger segment cars, utilising a four-wheel independent MacPherson strut design with forged aluminium components to ensure stability under hard acceleration, as well as a comfortable and refined ride for occupants.

The electric servo brake system on all four wheels ensures a consistent braking feel and good cooperation with the regenerative brake system. The 15-inch brake discs are ventilated at the front, to improve performance. The 16-inch wheels for the entry-level Honda e grade are shod with Yokohama BlueEarth A tyres, for optimum balance between high performance and efficiency. The 17-inch design for the Honda e Advance level adds Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, for additional high-speed stability and cornering grip."

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