The new Opel Vivato Van Driving Video

Opel is now taking orders for the new Vivaro, with prices starting at €24,600 (all prices in Germany, excluding VAT). Deliveries to customers will begin this summer. Compared to the previous model, the third-generation Vivaro is available in three instead of two lengths (4.60, 4.95 and 5.30 metres), able to carry a 200-kilogramme higher payload (up to more than 1,400kg) and, with a trailer capacity of up to 2,500kg, tow half a tonne more. Also, most versions are only 1.90m high and can therefore enter underground parking. A wide range of assistance systems and advanced technologies are optionally available, including IntelliGrip traction control, a 180-degree rear-view camera and multimedia infotainment. Useful features such as sensor-controlled sliding doors and FlexCargo load-through provide additional functionality.

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