The new Volkswagen Golf GTI Driving Video

"The secret to the success of the Golf GTI: Its DNA has remained unchanged to this day - clear design, front-wheel drive, agile chassis, easy-to-turn petrol engine, insignia such as the red stripe in the radiator grille and the tartan pattern of the seats. However, the Golf GTI also became an icon for this reason , because at the same time Volkswagen constantly reinvented it and combined tradition with innovation, which is also the case in 2020. Volkswagen has digitized the new Golf GTI, networked it and catapulted it into the future with a multitude of intelligent assistance systems and a design that is as powerful as it is stylish.

The new Golf GTI is one of the first compact sports cars to communicate with other vehicles via Car2X in order to raise safety to a new level. The Golf GTI is the first sports car in its class to be driven at speeds of up to 210 km / h - thanks to Travel Assist. This generation is the first Golf GTI to have a completely digitized interior landscape of display and control elements. Likewise, the new generation not only has a red stripe in the radiator grille, but also an optional illuminated LED crossbar integrated in the daytime running lights.

The performance of the GTI turbo engine will exceed expectations. The same applies to the chassis, which can be fine-tuned by the driver in conjunction with a new DCC generation (adaptive control). One thing has not changed, by the way: the perfect ergonomics of the standard sports seats, which are of course lined with plaid. And so a compact sports car of pure apprenticeship was created again - it made its first public appearance in Geneva. "

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