The Next Arrival in My Garage!?

I might have found my dream car to add to the garage, but that's not the only new arrival on the horizon... check out the Little Legends! With a change to be made to the G63, let's head out of town to see more about my new business venture.

I'm briefly back in London after my amazing tour of the USA and ahead of what was supposed to be a trip to the Geneva Motorshow, however as you may have seen the main event has been cancelled. Regardless, I've been to see cars being revealed already and have a number of private activities lined up to share the newest cars with you as always!

In the meantime, I am delighted to present Little Legends Cars! Along with some friends, I have invested in the business to be the distributor for these amazing half scale petrol and electric cars. To show you what it's all about, I'm with Lee and James and some of the Little Legends themselves; the GB Spirit, Spyder, Cobra 289 and Land Junior. These can be customised (even to match full scale cars!) and even have either petrol or electric engines too, along with different wheels, interior trims etc. This is just the start but your support is appreciated, please do check out the Little Legends pages for plenty more:

We are working on a website to launch very soon, for the time being, please reach out with your enquiries.

That's not the only news though, my AMG G63 is now wearing a new number plate. SH18 MEE has been temporarily retired because the owner of SH63 MEE reached out and was very reasonable with it and as such I have acquired it to be worn on the G - the 63 being pretty perfect for it really.

And of course, with the Shmee150 channel rapidly reaching 2 million subscribers, there are very exciting times ahead! For the moment, it seems I might actually have found my dream car for sale... one that I am beyond excited about and will do my best to make happen. Who knows whether that comes first, or the 2 million subscribers? Time will tell!

Thanks for watching, Tim