The Saleen S1 Cup is a Preview of America's Next Great $100,000 Sports Car - One Take

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Though admittedly it's very hard to test a new race car while delivering eloquent monologue, for many more details and complete thoughts, read my review of the S1 Cup at Road & Track!

Saleen is a company that has always managed to find a way to press on. Their modified Mustangs from the 1980's and 90's are obvious collectors items. Their mid-2000's dip into the super sportscar waters yielded the S7, a homologation race car that proved to be incredibly fast on the track; Saleen actually sold all 100 examples built. Though recent efforts in the Mustang tuning world have generated less heat, today we get to try the S1: their new mid-engined sports car. To develop the S1 road car, first, they developed the S1 race car, and started their own spec series with twenty of them. Next year, the S1 gets a GT4 variant to go racing against the Cayman GT4 Clubsport and other mainstream automaker track specials, and hopefully, a year after that, we may see a STRASSENVERSION; a street car. Fingers crossed.

Saleen Automotive provided the vehicle and track time at The Thermal Club for this review.