The Sound of the BMW Concept i4 – co-created by Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale.

The BMW Concept i4 is not only characterised by its individualdesign, but also by its own visionary and unique sound. It wasdeveloped under the brand name of BMW IconicSounds Electric by worldrenowned composer Hans Zimmer together with BMW Sound Designer RenzoVitale. BMW IconicSounds Electric aims to emotionalise BMW's electricvehicles and make them audible using individual sound worlds. Thesound of the BMW Concept i4 achieves this to perfection – it combinesBMW’s past and future. It gives the driver the feeling that thereare no limits of expression. The sound is manifold, surprising andit provides a sense of lightness and transparency. The sound worlds ofthe BMW Concept i4 range from the driving sounds in "Core"mode to the more intense and pronounced sounds of "Sport"mode. Also included are the sounds of the door opening and thestarting scenario.

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